Line of Business

EPE, total packaging solution company (TPSC), offers the finest products and services to it's customers around the world. It's extraordinary packaging designing technology enables the supply of packaging materials best suited to protect it's customers' products. A series of tasks including packaging designing, prototyping, CAD, drop test and quotation, all in the company, allows a short-time delivery. The company exerts the utmost efforts to meet demands from customers and realize smaller and lighter packaging specifications for enhanced transportation efficiency leading to cost reduction and for contribution to environmental conservation. In collaboration with EPE offices, factories and related entities around the world, it guarantees a prompt response even for a delivery to overseas. The company is ready to respond to a demand that requires global production or is area-specific.

Services offered by EPE

  • Eperan molded products/quality control – Collaboration with Kaneka Corporation
  • Finished goods with Eperan/laminated plates – High-mix, low volume production and short-time delivery available
  • Selected environmentally friendly packaging materials
  • Packaging designing/prototyping
  • Drop test
  • Tote box and other products
  • Prompt supply owing to collaboration with overseas offices and factories
  • Three-dimensional CAD
  • CNC prototypes

Line of Business

Service Flow