Privacy Policy

EPE Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "EPE") complies with laws, regulations and any other rules for safeguarding personal information. For the purpose of this Privacy Policy, personal information collected by EPE means the one that identifies (including through easy checking against other information) a specific individual such as his/her name, date of birth and address.

Collecting Personal Information

EPE may collect your personal information when you :

  • Place an order for its product,
  • Make an inquiry,
  • Request its catalog or other written materials,
  • Respond to its questionnaire survey,
  • Send an application form for its giveaway and other campaigns, or
  • Apply for vacancy, volunteer or part-time job of EPE.

Purpose of Using Personal Information

Personal information you provide to EPE will be used in so far as required by :

  • Confirmation and/or delivery of a product you order,
  • Answer to, or acknowledgement of receipt of, your inquiry,
  • Offering of information to you on a special event, campaign or other opportunities and/or on its new product,
  • Offering of information to you on its product and/or service,
  • Sending of a questionnaire as to its product you want or your other preference,
  • Confirmation of your previous purchase for more satisfactory services,
  • Analysis of its products and services for enhancement, and
  • Providing of a service that best fits your needs.

Disclosing Personal Information to Third Party

In principle any personal information you provide to EPE will not be disclosed to any third party unless :

  • You consent after identification of to whom and which information will be disclosed,
  • Required by payment of (a) product(s) you purchase,
  • EPE requests a courier to deliver (a) product(s) to you, or
  • Formally required by a court, police or other governmental agencies based on law.

Management and Safeguarding of Private Information

EPE ensures appropriate management of, and is committed to prevention of loss of, destruction of, alteration of, unauthorized access to, and leakage of, private information that it collects.

Disclosure, Correction and Deletion of Private Information

EPE makes an effort to keep your private information as accurate and updated as possible.
For disclosure or deletion of your private information, please contact at the following telephone number or email address.
The information will be disclosed or deleted only if it is determined that you make the request yourself, in order to prevent leakage of your private information to any third party.

Change in Policy to Safeguard Private Information

EPE will review and change the Privacy Policy (Policy to Safeguard Private Information) from time to time.
Any change in the Privacy Policy will be immediately posted on EPE’s website.

Contact Us

The following person will respond to your inquiry about the Privacy Policy.

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