About EPE

Corporate History

1973 Founded as a sole agency for Eperan® manufactured by Kaneka Corporation, with the capital of \ 30 million
1975 Establishing Matsumoto Regional Office (now over 18 offices, factories and related entities in Japan)
1982 Establishing TRICONE Sales Corporation with capital of \ 31 million
1987 Building head office in Nishi-nippori (Arakawa-ku, Tokyo)
1989 Expanding into Taiwan, first overseas expansion (now over 50 offices, factories and related entities in nine countries)
1996 Establishing EPE International Corporation with capital of \ 90 million
2001 EPE Corporation, EPE International Corporation and TRICONE Sales Corporation acquiring ISO 14001 certification (Registration No. RTRI 2001E0017)
2002 Keita Yamashiro assuming office of President
2006 Changing registration for ISO 14001 to Registration No. JAER 0694
2011 New logo starting